Design Methodology

Each and every project is unique.  At Quinn Architects we treat each and every project accordingly.

Our initial aim is to get a feeling of what the project is about: to understand the vision for the project. We achieve this aim by listening carefully to all those involved in promoting the project as well as to those for whom the project is intended. We analyse the context of the project in the broadest sense and rigorously test the brief by posing questions designed to clarify the governing principles driving the project.

Once this is established, our next step is to develop an architectural concept that will give that vision a form. And to this task we take a two-pronged approach.  On the one hand, we constantly refer to our analysis of the brief and the context of the project in order to respond to the specific requirements of a particular project.  At the same time, we consider the project in the light of our own design values.


As architects, we strive to design buildings that are sensitive to the psychological as well as functional needs of the building users.

It’s the little things that count: whether it be well-lit circulation zones or naturally ventilated accommodation, we take great care to consider the small details that improve the quality of the built environment.

And extending this principle to the wider sphere, we take particular care to respond sensitively and sensibly to the built context and to promote a sustainable way of building that minimizes the negative impact of a project on the environment.

In summary, Quinn Architects are confident that by following the strategy outlined above we can deliver a convincing concept that will realise your vision.