You set goals. We meet them.

Quinn Architects has been designing and procuring buildings for 60 years. While part of our success stems from the care we take to listen to our Clients and design buildings that respond to their needs, we take equal pride in our track record of managing projects successfully.

Key to this is ensuring clarity around the project objectives and we spend time with our Clients at the earliest stages of each project to clarify these objectives.  We review the projected programme benchmarks very carefully, assessing the resources needed to meet those commitments and then conscientiously monitor the progress against those commitments.  We review the proposed construction budget as an initial exercise and make a deliberate statement about its adequacy.  Once we have accepted the budget constraints, we are tenacious in conducting the project in a manner that assures final compliance.

We dedicate significant management effort to monitoring the project so as to keep it on budget as it develops. We explore design options before they are implemented to assess the impact on project cost. If cost problems develop, we actively offer solutions to resolve those problems.  When we become aware of an issue having a potential impact on the programme, we make the Design Team aware of the consequences and take corrective action. Based on industry standards, we have the resources to meet a standard programme and believe that these can even shorten the programme.